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Custom work



We offer customized inlaid flooring to fit your unique needs at a competitive price point. Reimagine your design using inlays or you can request an inlay design to be added after the construction of your current floors.


Floors & walls. Renovating your bathroom can be a great return on investment. We offer shower replacement and installation with a variety of styles and colors to fit your individual needs.


Update your stairs with your floors. Depending on the space, you have many options to choose from such as carpet, wood flooring, vinyl, and more!

Unique designs

A custom design is a great way to put your signature on your home. We can work with you to develop unique designs that you will be showing off for years to come!

Engineered flooring

Locking or glue down. Engineered flooring offers the beauty and style of hardwood while providing the durability your family or commercial space need. These floors offer both the aesthetic and the practicality you’re imagining.

Laminate flooring

Need a floor that can handle pets or water and your budget? Laminate may be the option for you. While offering the look and feel of tile, wood, or stone, laminate flooring can cater to your budget and leave you with less on-going maintenance.

Wood flooring

Locking, nailed down or glue down. Transform the look of your home with classic hardwood flooring. We offer traditional nailed down classic or modern hardwoods or glued. Another popular option is locking wood floors. Contact us to help decide which is best for you.

Sheet vinyl

Glue down. This multi-layer flooring is designed for heavy traffic areas that offers long term durability. The textures and finishings come in options that are limitless. Whether considering a decorative touch or a stone or wood finish, sheet vinyl could be a great choice for you.

Vinyl plank

Locking or glue down. Similar to laminate flooring, this tough, durable option can handle high traffic zones, kids, and pets for 10-20 years if maintained. This fully water resistant option is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, commercial spaces, and basements.

Tile floor

Stone, porcelain, ceramic. For a beautiful, polished, durable floor, tile might be your best option you have been looking for. With easy maintenance, tile flooring is one of the most permanent solutions to any space. If you are tired of replacing floors due to pets, children, or entry ways, some tile options will hold up from 75-100 years. With occasional resealing of grout, tile will be a permanent solution to your high traffic needs. Offering looks that range from stone to marble, tile flooring is a classic, timeless option.


Adding a backsplash can be one of the best ways to tailor your space to your taste or just add a pop of design. Ranging in textures, colors, and designs, backsplashes can offer endless customization to your bathroom or kitchen!


Power stretch/glue down. Power stretched carpet is custom cut and fit for your space. With a tailored fit, the careful installation accommodates spaces that avoids damage to walls and traditional stapling. Our glue down carpet can also be installed for small or large spaces to provide the perfect design for your space. Often used next to tile or other flooring, it can be the right look for the texture you desire.